Interview of Ray Wenderlich founder of Razeware and administrator of the programming tutorials blog

Hi everybody. I’m proud to present you today the interview of Ray Wenderlich, well known for his programming tutorials blog, his books and an app company called Razeware. I wanted to thank you Miguel Diaz Rubio for his help writing questions for this interview. Here is Ray’s interview :   Could you present you quickly […]

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Video interview of Greg Day, EMEA Security CTO for Symantec #MWC13

Hi everybody. At the MWC13 in Barcelona (Spain), I had the chance to interview Greg Day, EMEA Security CTO for Symantec : A very interesting speech about security, (cyber-)threats, etc… by a great expert.   Louis-Philippe (AKA Lou)

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Interview to Kuan Yan Tan, CEO & Co-founder at Jublia (Singapore)

Hello everybody. Today I want to present you to Kuan Yan Tan, CEO & Co-founder at Jublia, a tech entrepreneur that I’ve heard of at the MWC13 in Barcelona (Spain) last month… Could you present you to my readers please ? Hi! I am Yan, a tech entrepreneur from sunny Singapore. I am currently the CEO as well […]