About me

NAF_8690-okMy name is Louis Philippe Tramier .

I am the creator and editor of this blog about technologies dedicated to iOS / Mac OS X – Android – Web – FilemakerPro.

I have more 30 years of experience in computer. It all really started in 1984 when I won a programming contest when I decided than I wanted to dedicate my professional life to this sector.

Later on, I obtained a Master in Business Intelligence by the University of Avignon (France).

From there I went into the French newspapers and things have not stopped.

I have worked in France , Canada , Eastern Europe and now of course Spain . I have been self employed , developer / business manager and worker (both small business and multinational).

On all these experiences I could write about a book, especially my adventure as co – manager of a media agency that itself was a “little saga style Apple” but I will not bore you with all this (unless everyone calls :-D) .

For these reasons I would like to give a more personal approach to blog , interviewing known (and lesser known ) people because they can always teach you something .

You’ll also find testing devices (especially mobile phones) , accessories and everything related to technology .

I hope to meet you someday.